About Aisling

  • Diploma in Clinical and Medical Hypnosis (ACMHL)

  • Diploma in Integrated Energy Techniques (EFT, Hypnosis and NLP)

  • Advanced Future Life Progression

  • AAMET Accredited Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner 

  • Diploma in Neurolinguistic Programming and Coaching (ACMHL)

  • Certificate in Stress Management Counselling (ACMHL)

  • Certificate in IBS (ACMHL- approved by the National Institute for Clinical Excellence)​

  • PGCE in English

Aisling has over twenty years' experience working in both the public and private sectors, including eleven years spent at the chalk face teaching in secondary schools. She is passionate about helping people cope with the stresses and strains of day to day life and she is particularly keen on the additional benefits the combination of hypnosis,EFT and NLP can offer to those who are experiencing issues. For example, a client wishing to stop smoking may also ask for help with stress or self confidence and can emerge as a non-smoker who is also happier with their life in general. Someone wishing to lose weight or deal with IBS may also experience a rise in self esteem or a decrease in their anxiety levels: the possibilities are endless.

The essence of Aisling's philosophy is 'turning negatives into positives' and she will help you use your problem to create a solution that may give you even more benefits than you ever imagined.

As someone who has practised self hypnosis and used NLP techniques for many years, Aisling believes in giving her clients the tools and coping strategies that will empower them and enable them to help themselves in the future.

Aisling is not a medical practitioner but is happy to work with clients alongside their GP in cases where the GP deems this appropriate. She is bound by the National Council for Hypnotherapy Code Of Ethics and will refer you on to a different practitioner if this is in your best interests and she is committed to treating you in the shortest number of sessions that will enable you to achieve the results you want. The service is confidential except in the unlikely event that a court order is made requesting information or in a situation where someone is at risk if information is not divulged (See NCH Code of Ethics Link).

Aisling's guarantee is that she will give you her full support as your hypnotherapist and/or coach and she will be 100% committed and dedicated to helping you achieve the result you're looking for.

                            CALL 07503 863525 for an informal, friendly discussion without obligation


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